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6th Aug 2020

When is the time to head up to a fertility specialist?

A fertility specialist is a physician who specifically works on diagnosing and treating the complexities and problems of infertility. Despite the technicality of the profession, it is a really under-recognized profession in Nepal as many of the people are unaware of this concept.

For those of who are concerned about their health and fertility, here are the times when you should be seeing a fertility specialist/doctor:

  1. The age element is one of the major factor you shall be considering before visiting a doctor. For women of age above 35, they are identified as “advanced maternal age women” as at this point of time, majority of women losing their conceiving ability. Similarly, for the women above the age of 40 the quantity and the quality of eggs drop massively, than descends the chances of conceiving even more.
  2. Miscarriage is the next factor one should be looking at. It is said to happen when a women loses her pregnancy within the time interval of 20 weeks of pregnancy. In case if a women have had multiple miscarriage, it is time you should definitely seek for advanced help and monitoring.
  3. The next factor has to do with women menstruation. The activities like having no periods at all, irregularity in the menstruation cycle, heavy bleeding, over bleeding, etc. can be symptoms of any sort of complexity in the fertile health. If these sort of activity happen often, it is then the time to visit a fertility specialist.
  4. The next element one shall not miss is recognize if there is an existence of any chronic medical condition within the couple. Chronic medical conditions like diabetes, Thyroid condition, kidney disease, hypertension, genetic disorders, and heart disease can also have an influence on the fertile health of both male and female. Thus, one must consult and seek proper help at this scenario.
  5. The next element also has to do with the regular health for women, for the women who has been fighting with cancer, the chances of conceiving are relatively reduced and recommendation to consult a doctor is really high.
  6. Muddle experience in sexual life is the next thriving factor, if your partner does not show proper interest in sexual activity, this can be some symptoms of infertility. Thus, reaching out for a fertility specialist is highly recommended in such case.
  7. Infertility in men can cause the secretion of poor sperms that do not contribute in having a baby. Moreover, consulting a male fertility specialist in such case is appropriate.

Thus, neglecting even the slightest symptoms and factors can be very damaging when it comes to fertility and before it’s too late, you must seek for the ideal fertility specialist and consult your problems.