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5th Aug 2020

The Aesthetics of IVF

IVF refers to In Vitro Fertilization which is an advance and complex process, which is usually suggested to the couple (women) who have absolute no chance of having their own baby. It is a type of assisted technology that is based on fertilization, in which an egg from a woman’s body is combined with man’s sperm in a tube known as vitro.

Usually, the main query of people remain what is the need of an IVF Treatment?? Well IVF is carried out in the cases of endometriosis, lower sperm counts, problems with the uterus or fallopian tubes, problems in ovulation, antibodies, indigent quality of the egg, genetic diseases, inability of the sperm to penetrate the cervical mucus, etc. IVF is a complex and much larger process thus, it is only carried out in the later stages of treatment. IVF is a layered treatment that is inclusive of numerous steps and has variable success ratio differing form couples to couples.

In the layered process of IVF, the first day of the treatment is considered the day when your periods start. After that treatment process moves on as, stimulation of the ovaries for the production of the eggs via injection of the hormones. The third day of the treatment is the egg retrieval day, where eggs are collected and ultrasound technology is used for the further treatment. After the completion of the egg collection, sperm is collected in the next day, depending on whether to use own sperm or donor sperm. After this procedure we move onto the next step of the treatment which is fertilization where the eggs and sperm are fused in a glass tube called Vitro. As soon as the fertilization process is carried out, the next step includes embryo development which requires continuous monitoring, care and attention. After the completion of the embryo development we move onto the stage of Embryo transfer into the body of women. The final procedures includes blood test and other minor tests Thus, IVF is a complex process which requires a lot of precision and efficient work.

The concept of IVF is advanced, new in Nepal, speaking of which it cannot be said that the IVF process won’t cost you any money. It is an expensive process and causes a hefty amount. Thus, hiring or appointing an appropriate and trustworthy IVF consultant and specialist is the major part that should be played by the patients.